Video Production Services


What We Do

Make Results Happen

Put videos to work in the real world that bring concrete results.

Make Award Winning Work

Create concepts and produce amazing videos.

Make an Impact

Tell stories that make a difference in the world.


Make Clients Happy

Do everything we can for the client for a smooth production service.


About Us

Jason Kim - Co-founder/director

Jason hopped right into agency video productions shooting and directing upon graduating from University of Illinois but found that working alongside stakeholders, entrepreneurs and those in the trenches of everyday business more challenging, compelling and fulfilling. He founded House Productions LLC in 2014 to this end.


Drew Beaty - co-founder/executive producer

Drew was a camera operator and videographer after graduating from Anderson University before he joined House Productions. As a firm believer in getting the job done the right way, not taking short cuts and providing value in anyway possible, he is the perfect complement to House Productions LLC.